A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. ~Eudora Welty

Monday, September 27, 2010

my birthday gift.

i am so in love with photography that i wanted to make it as my serious hobby. and so on my birthday, 07.19.10 - my sweet-sweet husband & my adorable little son bought this for me. a nikon d3000.

i have been researching for quite a while on what kind of dslr camera to start with, and will (hopefully - someday) continue on upgrading...of course you don't want to keep on changing from one brand of slr to another since you will pretty much be so used to your first one. 

turned out, after all my research it summed up to either a canon rebel xs or a nikon d3000 - well, obviously i got the NIKON D3000 and i love every single bit of it. first of, for a newbie in the photography world - the nikon d3000 has a GUIDE menu and will walk you through the in and out of the d3000. i LOVE the feel of it too... looks more professional and durable. nikon lenses are really nice and they are cheaper than the canons. "they" said that canons are great on outdoor photogs. and i'm a little bit of both. - more indoor stuff for me. 

so anyway, i am pretty much excited on what i can do with this new friend of mine. ♥

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